When Dad was alive, this swing sat in the backyard,overlooking his gardens.He and Mom spent many a momenttogether, sitting there, contemplating the daysevents, or just quietly swaying.Dad is gone now, and the swingnow sits in my side yar...
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Just chillin' with the Golden Girls.Who remembers this episode?
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There's a winner? Then don't keepus in suspense!The winner is Pearl!Congratulations!You're book will be to you soon!
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I had so much fun writing and publishing my book.Now, I'd like to share it with you! So I'm having a give away.Nature's Symphony is a poetry picture bookperfect for little ones to nine years.Or, it's great for all who arekids at heart!Ju...
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They grow so fast, don't they?My two little grand daughtershave grown intotwo beautiful young ladies.Kiley, 15, and Tara, 17,ready to go to the prom,I'm proud to be their grandma.
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Can you guess what it is? Chip looking out the cat door, scared of the vacuum cleaner!Pretty profile of Tyler,however, what he was looking atwasn't. It was a wolf spider on the ceiling. I won't gross youout with that. However,are you gr...
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I don't understandhow this world has becomeso full of hate.I don't understandhow a love of weapons takeprecedence over compassionand love for fellow human beingswho are the victims of violence.I don't understand how groups of non believe...
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Nap and Bath David and Goliath?Hey. Get off my back!
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Every day after school,I couldn't wait to get homeand watchThe Mickey Mouse Club.I love the mousketeers,and was a great fan ofAnnette.Later, her movies wereso much fun!Annette was such an inspirationfor all young women.She will be greatl...
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I've published my book!! http://www.bookstandpublishing.com/book_details/Natures_Symphony .Thank-you Coralie for your awesome review!Nature's Symphonyis a children's book that takes your childthrough a day in the garden, with allthe amaz...
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