I've read Nicholas Carr's book The Shallows. It is superb and a little frightening in its implications.
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via Save yourself. This is vital stuff, well expressed. I could quibble over some of it in terms of form or whatever, but the message here is superb.
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This looks like an interesting study: Thinking hard makes you hungry.....so you eat more. Yet thinking hard doesn't burn calories. So if you are going to think hard then eat, well you better do something to burn the calories that yo...
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I'm not quite convinced that bread should involve broccoli....but still this looks interesting and tasty. I've made a few of Anna's recipes - her recipe book is fantastic - and I will make this I am sure. Check out the whole post.
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I've finally updated Hillfit - the ebook that I released about 16 months ago. The idea behind Hillfit is that the average person who enjoys hiking, hillwalking and time in the outdoors can have more fun, find every walk easier, be safer...
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The guys behind Examine.com have just released a great new resource: a "Human Effect Matrix." For every supplement in their database, a handy table tells you what effect each supplement has and how noticeable that e...
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I CALL ON YOU TO FIGHT GRAVITY This might be a bit of a disjointed post but I wanted to pull together a few ideas that I’ve been thinking about recently, prompted by a few things that I’ve read some of which I’ve mentioned her...
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I just thought I'd point to this - Is exercise to blame for Andrew Marr's stroke? Marr is a fairly high profile journalist / TV presenter in the UK. He suffered a stroke a few months ago that he is now blaming on interval training ...
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Just an excuse to play some Lloyd Cole: "Looking like a born again, living like a heretic" That was the phrase going through my head this weekend as I thought about this post. The heresy? For so long I've been identified with, ...
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James has contributed a chapter to the new version of Hillfit, which should be out in a couple of weeks, in which he covers the things he goes through in this talk.
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