The haunting beauty of Daughter will unlikely remain contained within intimate venues like The Great Hall for much longer. Their debut album If You Leave (released March 2013) is one that seems a logical continuation of three wonderful E...
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It could all be so simple.
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Literally starting as an extra, he pitched the idea of his character to the show's producer and it stuck. It's that resiliency that makes his story so appealing. He has released a number of solo albums since his time in The Grass Roots, ...
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With the finale of The Office fast approaching, I’ve had moments of deep reflection on the comedy that accompanied me through undergrad and beyond. Over half a decade, I came to care for the characters. I had a lot riding on the Pa...
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The next big thing in hip hop. Download his new mixtape here.
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You’ll see why I chose this song later this week.
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In honour of this leaked release, a throwback to Jennifer Paige. I have mixed feelings about the Jai Paul leak. I liked it but obviously would rather hear his finished versions. With that said, at his rate of 1 song per year, we might ha...
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There’s something so refreshing about this song and it isn’t in the literal water imagery contained in the slick video. I can’t quite put my finger on it but Toronto’s PROGRAM (formerly known as Volcano Playground...
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