Better late than never, eh?
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I do hope you dress up properly when you pop down the shops.
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Not just what you say, but how you say it. A while back when UK police forces first tried out slogans, they came up with things like "Fighting Crime Everywhere" and were surprised when people just heard "Crime Everywhere" and became less...
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Somewhat late this year, the bluebells are now out in their glory in the woods at the end of my road. Spring is definitely sprung.
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Very pink, isn't it?
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New York has its Flat Iron building, London has several, none more pronounced than this, where a building's shape is dictated by the streets around. This photo does exaggerate the effect slightly, to see a more normal view in perspective...
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The worst disaster on the London Underground happened just over 70 years ago, when 173 people died in the crush of a panic in the blackout, during the war. This memorial has taken this long to put up. The monument is covered with snippet...
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From the way this is painted on the door, it looks more like decoration than graffiti, and beats plain white for a colour, anyhow.
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My mind was boggled, just behind brick lane, we have drop a brick lane.
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Despite the trendy location in Brick Lane and the trendy decor, this trainer shop obviously didn't have what it takes, as it is now closed.
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