A new phone book arrived on my stoop and it reveals amazing insight into the state of pizza in Brooklyn. Here are some stats: - The book lists 518 phone numbers for pizzerias- There are 19 listings for Domino’s Pizza- There are 14 ...
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I usually cringe when TV shows do segments about pizza. They all go to the same places and describe food the same boring way with no insight into the real interesting stuff aside from a quick line about oven temperature here and mention ...
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Ever make an English muffin pizza? Check this Thomas’ ad from 1979 for proof you didn’t invent it.
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Ever wanted to watch a machine make pizza boxes? You’re welcome.
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Chef Boy-Ar-Dee pizza ads I found at the New York Public Library Image Archive! Notice the increase in cheese from the 1956s to the 1960s. German pizza from 1973 is a whole other story.
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I was on this cool live talk show last week, check it out! I’m in there around the 16 minute mark taking about how hard it is to be a pizza lover during Passover. Other guests on this episode include the great comedy writer Alan Zw...
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Gennaro Lombardi and Anthony Pero (Totonno) stand in front of 53 Spring Street in 1905. Today is the 118th anniversary of Gennaro Lombardi’s arrival in America. Just 20 years old at the time, Lombardi arrived at Ellis Island aboar...
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