We will introduce a one-child policy so that they will finally be able to meet their quota of government jobs and university places
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Even as George Soros (isn’t that a Greek name?) predicts impending recession for the German economy, its football teams continue to carry all before them. The European Cup Final due to be held at Wembley next month will see Bayern Mun...
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Seven Psychopaths is a black comedy from the team that brought us the 2008 black comedy In Bruges. This time round, director, Martin McDonagh makes use of the film within a film conceit to compose a variation on the gangsta angst them...
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If it were Jonjo Shelvey, sure we’d have sacked him
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Won’t this just encourage him to cone referees?
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I always hankered after a little robbin'
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China’s electric vehicle manufacturer, BYD, isn’t having much luck with its products. Last year, in Shenzhen, one of its electric taxis was totalled by a drunk boy racer doing more than a ton. As a result of the impact, first with the...
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This lady is for burning
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Having completed my reading of the Dickens’s novelistic canon (with the exception of Barnaby Rudge and the final three Christmas books), I am in a position to start a series of reflections on perhaps England’s best known, if not her b...
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"When rulers are wicked they may by propaganda encourage a demoniac condition of our sentiments in order to secure our acquiescence in their wickedness. That is one reason why we private persons should keep a wary eye on the health or...
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